Arrived in Crete

I am now in Crete, where I will be spending most of the next 6 months. I arrived Monday morning, by ferry from Athens. I will be working at FORTH, the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas, close to Heraklion, in the group of Dimitris Vlassopoulos. So far, I have an office and have met several members of the research group. Dimitris is running a conference nearby on associating polymers and supramolecular assemblies Wednesday through Friday, which I will attend. Looks interesting, and I know a few of the speakers, so it will be a good few days.DSC_7532┬áHere’s a picture of the institute!


Thanks to Cristian and Muhammad

Summer is over and the new term is underway – except for those of us on sabbatical! Cristian Ardelean spent all of last year and this past summer working in my group, first through the ┬áScholar’s Electives program and then as a summer student. He worked with Cameron on the vibrating wire rheometer project. Muhammad Khalid was a summer student working with Nirosh, doing dielectric spectroscopy of materials. Thanks to both of you for your contributions!

Between jobs

My visit to UIUC ended a few days ago. The work I did there on using PCA to analyze large amplitude oscillatory shear data was useful, I think, and will eventually find its way into one of Simon’s papers. Simon and his family and research group gave me a nice send-off at the Big Grove Tavern in Champaign. Now I’m back home in London briefly before flying to Greece for an extended visit with Dimitris Vlassopoulos at FORTH in Crete. Dimitris works on the rheology of “architecturally complex” molecules such as star polymers.