Still more travel!

I had great visits to Georgia Tech last week and Queen’s the week before. This week will probably be interesing, but less fun: I am going to Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario to evaluate a proposal for a new Master’s program in Materials Science.

More exciting is the news that our new rheometer will be installed in the lab this week! I’ve been looking forward to this for while.


Heading south

More travel this week: I am going to Georgia Tech in Atlanta to give a talk on “Restricted diffusion in soft materials.” 

On the road

I am heading to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario today. I will be giving a colloquium there tomorrow on “Impact Cratering in Granular Media”. I did my M.Sc. at Queen’s a couple (!) of years ago, so I am looking forward to my visit.

Adam and Rob give 4th year thesis talks

Fourth-year students Rob Cianfarani and Adam Fortais give talks on their honors thesis projects this week. Adam talked about his work on developing a non-Newtonian blood mimicking fluid, which was co-supervised by John de Bruyn ad Tammy Poepping. Rob talked about his analysis of neutron scattering data on hydrogels made from polymer blends. His project was co-supervised by John and Jeff Hutter. Congratulations to both on finishing your theses and on your nice talks!  


Here’s Adam…


…and here’s Rob.