Group meeting

At today’s group meeting, Grace will lead a discussion of “Superhydrophobic and Oleophobic Fibers by Coaxial Electrospinning,” by Han and Steckl, Langmuir 25, 9454 (2009). 



Yesterday we had a visit from Kathryn Grandfield, from McMaster University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. She’s interested in electron microscopy and biomineralization, and gave a colloquium on “3D Electron Microscopy: Basics and Applications to Biointerfaces.” Very cool stuff.

Report 3 from Denver

The March Meeting is over. There were a lot fewer people around today than there were earlier in the week. Too bed, that means they missed my talk. Still, there was a pretty reasonable audience and I got a couple of good questions. There were some other good talks today as well, mostly about polymers. Now I am feeling burnt out. I came home this afternoon and watched a few old episodes of Doctor Who to decompress. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early again to make my way to the airport.

It was a good meeting, and not as crowded and exhausting as the last March Meeting I attended (way back in 1999). It was also very good to re-connect with a lot of old friends. I probably will not come the March Meeting every year, and I still prefer smaller, more focused conferences, but I’ll probably try it again in a couple of years.  

Report 2 from Denver

I’m keeping pretty busy here. I just got home from a dinner to celebrate my friend Tom Solomon winning the APS prize for research at an undergrad institution. It was a good chance to catch up with a lot of old friends. Earlier in the day I talked to a company that sells equipment for undergrad labs, and went to a wide range of talks. I gave a 5-minute ad-libbed talk about Dan Stranges’ research to fill in a gap in a session when one speaker didn’t show up. That was interesting! Some time soon I have to put the finishing touches on my real talk, which is scheduled for Friday afternoon. 

Report 1 from Denver

I am at the March meeting of the American  Physical Society in Denver. So far it has been a productive meeting, and not as crowded and exhausting as I had feared. I learned a lot about things related to several of the projects we are working on – scoping out the competition! I also met up with several old friends. I am sort of wondering why I don’t come to this conference every year. We’ll see ifi feel the same after a few more days!