Group meeting

We’ll have our weekly group meeting at 4:00 this Friday in PAB 26. Yang will lead a discussion of “An evaluation of interface capturing methods….” by Jabbari et al.



Yesterday we had a visit from Allison Sibley, a potential new grad student. Allison spent the day talking to group members and touring our lab and Western. I hope she will decide to join us this fall!

Congratulations to Stephen Morris

John’s friend, collaborator, and brother-in-law Stephen Morris, a professor in the Physics Department at the University of Toronto, has been named to that department’s J. Tuzo Wilson Professorship. Tuzo Wilson is famous for inventing plate tectonics. Stephen is almost as famous for his work on pattern formation and nonequilibrium dynamics. John and Stephen have known each other since high school and have collaborated on several papers about various types of convection.