Paper accepted

Our paper on  “Rheology and structure of poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(ethylene glycol) blends during aging,” by Nan Yang, John de Bruyn, and Jeff Hutter, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Rheology. Nan finished her Ph.D. in our group in 2011, and this paper is based on part of her Ph.D. work.  Nan now works as a research scientist with Unilever in Shanghai, China.


Group photo


Group photo

Here is a nice photo of our group taken before our group meeting a couple of weeks ago. Left to right: Brian Duong, Yang Liu, John de Bruyn, Maryam Mozaffari, Cameron Hopkins, Grace Ge, and Saied Sorkhou. Unfortunately Lizzy Davenport, Masha Goiko, and Huiyao Chen were not present. Photo by Peter Frank.