Group meeting

We’ll have a journal club meeting this Friday at 1:00, where Lizzy will lead a discussion of “From Rolling Ball to Complete Wetting: The Dynamic Tuning of Liquids on Nanostructured Surfaces,” by Krupenkin et al., Langmuir 20, 3824 (2004).


Back from the CAP

I enjoyed the CAP congress this year. There seemed to be more than the usual number of papers on topics related to the research we do, and the quality of the talks was high. Brock Laschowski, a student from our Kinesiology department with whom I collaborate, won a prize for his poster on the effects of oar mechanics on rowing speed. I pinned up Grace’s poster and managed to talk to a few people about it, but I had to judge student posters so I was busy for most of the session. Cameron’s talk was scheduled at the same time as mine, so I didn’t see it. He tells me it went well, though.  My own talk was well-received, but Friday morning is not the best time to present. One complaint: The choice of beer at the Sunday night reception was limited to B** and B** Lite, neither of which count as real beer in my view.