CAP congress next week

Our group will be well-represented at the annual congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists next week in Montreal. John is giving an invited talk on “Restricted Diffusion in Soft Materials”. Cameron is giving a talk on “An oscillating plate in an Oldroyd-B fluid” and Grace has a poster on “Rheological properties of dispersions of multi-wall carbon nanotubes in polyisoprene” (which will be presented by John, since Grace is in China!).


Group meeting

This Friday at 1:00 p.m. we will be treated to short research talks by Cameron Hopkins and Maryam Mozaffari. We will be joined by Colin Denniston (Applied Math) and his research group. After this week, the plan is for our two groups to have joint meetings once a month, with one person from each group giving a talk. The meeting will be in PAB 26.

A busy start to the summer

Three undergrad summer students work started last week – Saied and Brian in our lab in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Western, and Lizzy working at Surface Science Western. In addition, Cameron suddenly became a grad student and Robert joined us as a part-time volunteer. Our usual group meeting room was too small for all the people, and the lab is a busy place.