The best part of the conference


The best part of the conference

Maryam and Grace enjoy the swings during the lunch break at the 4 Corners SW Ontario Condensed Matter Symposium, held in Waterloo this week.


Cameron wins the Don Hay Prize!

Congratulations to Cameron Hopkins, who has won a share of this year’s Don Hay Prize for outstanding performance in the fourth-year honors thesis course. Cameron’s thesis was a monumental theoretical treatise entitled Oscillating objects in non-Newtonian fluids. Cameron shares the prize with Leesa Fleury, who did her thesis with Blaine Chronik. Congratulations to her, too!

Last year’s prize was won by Masha Goiko, so it looks like we are on a roll! 

Catching up

I’ve been slow to post things here over the last couple of weeks. It is the end of term, and I have been busy marking lab reports and so on.

For the record, we had a Journal Club meeting on Friday, where we discussed this paper: 

Worobets, J. T., Fairbairn, J. C., & Stefanyshyn, D. J. (2006). The influence of shaft stiffness on potential energy and puck speed during wrist and slap shots in ice hockey. Sports Engineering, 9(4), 191–200.

Starting in May, we’ll be changing both the frequency and format of our group meetings. We’ll meet every week (time to be decided). Every other week we’ll have some group members give short (10 min) presentations on their project, followed by discussion. The alternate weeks will probably include Journal Club once a month, and something else.